We adore Thee, * O Christ, * and we bless Thee

because of Thy Holy Cross * Thou hast redeemed the world.


The Crucifixion Painting at the Monasteries of the Precious Blood 5300 Fort Hamilton Parkway Brooklyn

This Picture is a copy of the emmense Crucifixion painting above the main alter at Our Precious Blood Shrine. Bishops, Priest, Sisters and lay people state that it is one of most marvelous religious pictures in existence. Background of Picture Out of the darkness of the Old Testament indicated by the dark blue sky, shines the red glow of the Precious Blood in the New Testament. Back of Calvary is the ancient temple Jerusalem, the scene of the old Sacrifice of the Paschal Lamb ect., now giving way in the new Sacrifice of the Immaculate Lamb. The golden rays around Christ symbolize the infinite value of the graces purchased for us by the Precious Blood.

I. "Look Upon the Face of Christ" And His entire body, giving up His last Drop of Blood. Many are the extraordinary conversions brought by this touching figure of Christ.

II. The Angels:-The Angels Represent our Cloustered Sisters offering themselves as "Living Chalices pouring themselves and by prayer and Sacrifice in union with Our Saviour for God's glory and the Salvation of souls.

III. Behold Thy Mother:
Mary stood beneath the Cross the Gospel tells us, and not swooning as we see here in some picture. There she stands as the high-priestess, clothed in her mantle of blue; her beautiful sorrowing, immaculate face, gazing on the face of her dying son , "close to Jesus to the last".

IV. The Two Women:
The two women at the side of our Mother typify the sorrowing people of the Old Testament, yet clad in green the color which symbolize hope in Jesus, their Bleeding saviour.

V. Mary Magdalen:-Mary Magdalen again kneels at the feet of Jesus enshrining in her the Precious Blood trickling down the cross. What a chaste inspiring picture is this of Mary Magdalen, the Saint in contrast to exaggerated picture which still portray her as a sinner.

VI. Saint John:-St. John, here is true to the description given by the Gospel which of depicts him as the Thinker and the "Son of Thunder" . Not an effeminate youth as he is frequently represented by most painters.

VII Longinus:-Longinus the soldier opening the side of Jesus and piercing His Sacred Heart, is now exclaiming, "Truly, this is the Son of God"

VIII. Upper Left Corner:
In the upper left -corner is shown the " Lamb that was slain ", symbolizing the Sacrifice of the Mass. his seven Blood streams flowing upon the earth which are the seven Sacraments.

IX. Upper Right Corner:
In the upper right -corner is shown the Pelican, piercing her breast to feed her starving little ones; symbolizing the Sacrament of the Eucharist where in Jesus nourishes us with his own Precious Blood.

X. Border Of The Picture:
Around the border of the picture may be seen the Passion Flower and the grapes, even used by the Church as symbols of the Precious Blood.

What a story is contained in this picture of the love of Good for you and yours. Will you not, therefore give in an honored place in your home where it inspire young and old throughout the days and year---WHERE IT WILL MAKE OF YOUR HOME, WHAT OUR MONASTARY HAS BECOME--A SHRINE OF THE PRECIOUS BLOOD.


If men would but think of Jesus, they would not offend him; they would love him. his patience, his mercy, his love, would soften the sinner's heart to sorrow for the past, to love for the future. Every mystery of the life of our Divine Lord reveals new secrets of the goodness of God to man; but the depths of love and mercy contained in his passion and death are fathhomless. Men and angels will gaze at amazement for all eternity on the Victim of Calvary. The eternal Son of God crucified! "Bowing down his head he gave up the ghost." If this great mystery was engraven on the hearts of mankind, the empire of Satan would totter to its foundation. We could not think of Jesus bleeding, Jesus dying, Without hating sin, and in hating sin, we begin to love. "There is nothing, says St. Augustine," "conduces mote to salvation than always to think what God-man has suffered for us." Could Jesus give more than his life for the salvation of mankind? "Greater love than this man hath, that a man lay down his life for his friends."--John,xv.13.Jesus has done more, he laid down his life for his enemies: "Jesus Christ," says St. Paul, "died for us, even when we sinners.

The Passion of Christ is the soul of Christianity. It is the inexhaustible, infinite ocean that daily waters the Church of God, and imparts to her life and fertility, youth and beauty. It has been, and ever will be, the constant meditation of the saints. "He," says St. Bernard, "who devoutly meditates on the life and death of Jesus Christ, finds there abundantly all things he stands in need of." And again, the same saint says" "Nothing Is more efficacious for curing the wounds of our conscience and purifying our souls, than continually to meditate on the sufferings of Jesus Christ." A God suffers and dies for man! In the garden Gethsemani Jesus begins "to fear, and to be heavy," and be sorrowful and sad." "My soul is sorrowful even unto death." --Matt.,xxvi.He fall upon his face flat upon the ground. Anguish, pain, and sorrow overwhelm the Redeemer. The blood is forced from his sacred heart through all the pores of his sacred body; in the words of the Gospel, "his sweat became as drops of blood trickling down upon the ground." Sweet Jesus! All this for man, poor, sinful, ungrateful man ! An angel consoles thee by remembering thy passion and loving thee.

We do not intend to follow Jesus through all the stages of his passion. He was betrayed and sold. May we never betray and sell him again by sin. Pilate's hall the virginal flesh and blood of Jesus purpled and besprinkled the floor and wall, and was trampled on by the soldiers. May we never scourge the virginal Jesus by the sins of our flesh; or by sacrilege trample upon his precious blood. Jesus upon his bleeding shoulders carries the cross, laden with the sins of the whole human family, to the summit of Calvary's hill, there to consummate the sacrifice of man's redemption. The purple garment, which had stuck fast to the clotted blood on his sacred back and shoulders, is violently torn off: the wounds are reopened, the blood spurts out anew. Exquisite pain ! But no sigh, no moan from Jesus! Placidly the Lamb lies upon the cross: the victim with eyes fixed on heaven, lies upon the altar. The savage executioners grasp the hand of the meek Jesus: on its palm is placed the rough, blunt nail: a strong arm, moved by a merciless heart, wields the hammer, stroked after stroke! and the nail cutting, or rather breaking, through the flesh, sinews, muscles, and bones of Jesus, is deeply bedded in the wood of the cross! Dear  Jesus, what exquisite suffering, what intense pain, what racking torture ! Well did the prophet say, "They have dug my hands and feet, they have numbered all my bones." From the sole of the foot to the top of the head, there is no soundness in him.--Isa.,I.6.

For three hours the Son of God hangs upon the cross, amid the insults, jeers, scoffs, and blasphemies of a wicked mob. Sweet Jesus ! he looks down upon them and says, "I thirst." Yes, I thirst for the souls of my children. This thirst was far more parching than that which dried-up his divine lips and breast from the loss of blood.

Raising his dying eyes to heaven, he implores mercy for his executioners: "Father, for-give them, for they do not know what they do." -Luke, xxiii. 34. O mercy worthy of God !

During these three hours the blood flows, drop by drop, from the bleeding wound of Jesus! the last drop is about to flow, O supreme moment ! The expectation and promises of four thousand years are about to be fulfilled; the human family to be redeemed; the empire of hell to be destroyed and heaven to be opened. Supreme moment ! The departed in prison count each instant by years; the countless millions of blessed spirits are grouped round Calvary, counting every sigh, weeping (if needed tears can bathe an angel's cheek) with suffering, dying in God; the Holy Ghost is looking down;





The Fifth Sorrowful Mystery

The Crucifixion and Death of Our Lord

But after they were come to Jesus, when they saw that he was already dead, they did not break his legs. But one of the soldiers with a spear opened his side, and immediately the came out blood and water. And he saw that it, hath given testimony; and his testimony true. And he knoweth that he saith true; that you also believe. For these things were done, that the scripture might be fulfilled; "You shall not break a bone of him. Again another scripture saith: they shall look upon him whom they pierced. (St. John 19: 33-37)