For those who would like to install their comments on this link, on the errors that they noticed while in the Novus Ordo service. And to realize that they could possibly lose their souls for the false faith they were believed to been taught over the years.

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1) LEO: From Nova Scotia wrote:

I would like to explain my own situation on why I had to leave St. Charles Church here in my hometown. When these items came to my attention that's when I realized what had happened.

1) To find out that 6 Protesant ministers, Hannibal Bugnini (Archbishop) and Paul the VI. Mixed these religions together with Jewish content. And I said to myself that's impossible.

2) They used "all" which  should be "which will be shed for you and for many" for those you will be saved.

3) Pope St. Pius V in  July 1570 proclaimed Quo Primum that  the Mass instituted by Our Lord will be said in Perpetuity this means eternity.

4) Why "Latin" ?  It is very easy to understand that Latin is a dead language and the words in the Mass can not be changed.

5) At the same time I had watch a Protesant service on TV, and low and behold it was the same as what they were doing at my church.


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After about 2 years I am finally introducing this websit truemass.org., on the internet. We have already established a home Chapel "Our Lady Mystical Rose Chapel" about 10 years ago. About the same time we saw what was happening at the Church. We had established our Chapel for the purpose of praying the Rosary and prayers.. While in Montreal we had gone back to the Mass of my birth, and we knew it was the right one. Now I had asked my friend Reinhold if Fr. Yves Normandin would come to Nova Scotia to celebrate Mass for us. Well he had asked Father, and Father said it is possible. I got a phone call from Reinhold and he said that Fr. Normandin would be down to celebrate Mass for "All Saints Day" (3 Masses) and one on "All Souls Day" (2000).

Now in the mean time there was a Priest coming to Nova Scotia every (2) months. Fr Daniel Ahern has been coming here to our home Chapel ever since we spoke to him. As they had started a Latin Mass in Moncton,N.B. we were able to receive the Sacraments every Sunday until 2004. The Chapel was disbanded in 2004, we were able to get Fr. Charles Mersereau (ordained 1947) to come here with to celebrate Holy Mass, and has been living with us since 2007.

Fr. Ahern and myself decided that we should establish a website. I was veryfortunate to have a friend from P.E.I. whom we were able to get her ExtremeUnction , and she gave me a library books. My key element for thissite was a cassette tape that I had for years "Destruction of the Mass" and Ihave since made into a CD. Father Mersereau greatest pastime is going for drives. We were on one of our trips and I played Fr. Altenbach (he had made the cassette in 1974 and died 1984). Having a friend with us they had mentioned to me that everyone should listen to this CD, and I wantd to get it out. Also I wanted to be able to get out to everyone a DVD called "WhatWe Have Lost" and I got permission to do so. I know deeply in heart that all this inspiration to come back to my Religion of which I was taught by the nuns, was thou our Holy Mother. As I had worked in the U.S.A. While in Detroit, Mi. I had met Dan a friend and I was introduced back into the Rosary and never looked back. When I was twelve yrs old I used to do the Rosary with my grandmother in French. I suggest for those you wish to see what has happened to the Church to reach out to Our Holy Mother. I recommend to get your old Rosary beads out and pray to her. Our Lord had given to us his Mother at the Cross. Whatever we shall asked Our heavenly mother, her son will surely intercede.

These two (2) verses below explain everything:

4. And Jesus saith to her: Women, what is that to me and to thee ?: myhour is not yet come.5.His mother saith to the waiters: Whatsoever he shall say to you, do ye


(John: Chapter: 2 verses 4 - 5) See also Notation #4 http://www.drbo.org/

26. When Jesus therefore had seen his mother and his disciple standingwhom he loved,, he saith to his mother: Women behold thy son. 27. After that, he saith to the disciple: Behold thy mother. And from thathour, the disciple took her to his own.

(John: Chapter 19 verses 26 27) http://www.drbo.org/